Frontline Perception System

Empowering Warfighters

Data-driven insights on the communications-contested modern battlefield

The Problem

Warfighters need better  insights

The DoD's AI/ML is broken and untrustworthy. Too often, the software is vendor-locked and cannot move between sensors or devices.

Too Much Data

Operations Center
Operations Center

Outdated Tech

Vehicle Command Post
Vehicle Command Post

Too Few Insights

The solution

The Frontline Perception System

Unique decision-support platform for A2/AD & DDIL environments.

How we do it

Anyone can Fix AI/ML in the Field with AutoML

TurbineOne is the only company that enables Warfighters to build, fix and deploy new AI/ML entirely within comms-contested environments and without having to code.

Product Features

Enhancing Human Interactions

Smart Alerts
AI/ML Detectors
Sensor Fusion
New Hardware


"It's exciting to see the TurbineOne community of engineers and disruptors eager to lend their cutting-edge commercial expertise to support our customers and help the U.S. maintain its technological overmatch."

Brittney Martino
VP of Mission

"Artificial Intelligence for Small Unit Maneuver (AISUM) combines Naval Expeditionary Warfare and Special Operations Forces (SOF) tactical maneuver elements with Robotic Autonomous Systems (RAS) to create a low risk human machine maneuver element that gains, maintains and extends access in complex, contested and congested areas, providing a decisive advantage and precision application of effects."

AISUM Challenge
in which TurbineOne was one of the award winners

"For future Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) to be successful, AFSOC assets must be able to conduct processing, exploitation, and dissemination (PED) without reachback, driving a need for AI-powered object detection, data labelling & classification, and target recognition in Edge Operating Environments without internet connectivity. We believe TurbineOne is the ideal firm to deliver it."

Air Force Special Operations Command Branch

"The combination of TurbineOne’s FOD Dogs and Siemens’ Intosite™ software will increase safety for pilots and maintainers. This combined solution will also result in huge cost savings by preventing damage to expensive equipment and by eliminating countless man-hours looking for FOD on tarmacs, taxiways and runways."

Glenn Rosen
Digital Solutions Business Developer

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We are excited to push the boundaries of wearable AI/ML to the disconnected battlefield.

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