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Empowering First Responders & Warfighters

Warfighters need to perceive battlefield threats when on the frontline and from Strategic Command positions. Data is available from an abundance of sensors and platforms. However, this data is often too much for any individual to quickly comprehend. 

To address this challenge, TurbineOne delivers Human-Machine Interfaces to empower people to make the best decision faster. Additionally, TurbineOne delivers sensor fusion software to unify data into a single operating picture. Finally, TurbineOne’s Threat Identification systems leverage automatic machine learning in order to provide smart alerts.
The challenges of human interaction are as complicated as human history. But technology can help. Imagine if you could speak every language without any delays or errors in tone and semantics. And imagine if every accessible sensor was securely connected to a single interface so that decision-makers could engage with the world as it truly is.

TurbineOne delivers a portfolio of products to enhance human interactions. For example, Tambourine is TurbineOne’s patent-pending real-voice and real-time foreign language translator. Additionally, TurbineOne powers Augmented Reality systems to enable new types of live training and coaching. Finally, TurbineOne is a pioneer in novel body armor and smart fabrics.
First Responders will always be needed on our nation’s frontlines. However, it is often in everyone’s best interest to have machines go into those dangerous environments first in order to enhance situational awareness. People still need to make the best decisions, but robots and drones can help extend their eyes, ears and hands.

To address these needs, TurbineOne has invented, manufactured and deployed purpose-built robots. Additionally, we have a wearable system that enables remote engineering guidance for live, real-world repairs. Finally, TurbineOne’s drone technology strengthens perimeter security and force protection systems.
Empower Your People
First Responders and Warfighters do not have the best tools. They should. TurbineOne can help fix this national security problem.
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