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You are too valuable to be staring at data feeds all day.

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To preserve liberty and freedom through national security

We make industry's best AI technology useful and responsible for the DoD through software that is purpose-built for military intelligence.

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frontline perception

AI-Driven Data Processing

Our software product refines raw data through a no-code, no-cloud toolkit. Our unique capability is ML retraining at the Edge.

We Plug In All Your Data
You Tune Your Own Detectors
You Deploy with Faster & Better Intel
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We Embrace the Mission

"I first started working on Soldier of the Future systems 20 years ago."

Casey Barker
Principal Engineer

“As a recently retired Army Senior Intel Officer for a Special Mission Unit, I understand the capability gaps of today's warfighters. I'm still working to make sure our nation deploys with the most actionable intelligence."

David Hammerschmidt
Mission & Strategy

"We're trying to bridge the gap between the antiquated AI tech the government is using today and the more valuable kinds of products I built at Tech companies like Google and Amazon."

Matt Amacker

“I wish I had this technology when I served in the Navy.”

Ian Kalin
military experience

Field Testimonials

“TurbineOne has developed a revolutionary technology delivering stronger situational awareness to warfighters. This technology enables AI on mesh networks already deployed at the tactical edge, enhancing security and improving mission effectiveness.”

Former Commander, Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC)
Lieutenant General (Retired) Scott Howell

“Artificial Intelligence for Small Unit Maneuver (AISUM) combines Naval Expeditionary Warfare and Special Operations Forces (SOF) tactical maneuver elements with Robotic Autonomous Systems (RAS) to create a low risk human machine maneuver element that gains, maintains and extends access in complex, contested and congested areas, providing a decisive advantage and precision application of effects."

Navy's AI for Small Unit Maneuvers

“The software platform is widely applicable for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance use-cases because it empowers users with a do-it-yourself toolkit that is uniquely suited for military environments.”

Kurt Andrews, Principal Investigator

“As the former Defense Intelligence Agency Director, I’m familiar with our nation’s best intelligence capabilities. I’ve never seen an Intel tool like this one from TurbineOne. It can find the needle in a haystack and significantly increase the effectiveness of our nation’s intel analysts.”

Pallas Advisors
Lieutenant General Bob Ashley (retired)

Frontline Perception System

Responsible AI for Military Intelligence

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