Human Technologies
Empowering First-Responders & Warfighters
our mission
Deliver superhuman capabilities to those serving at our nation's frontlines.

Why we serve

To help people see through walls, speak every language, and deploy robots so that people don't have to be put in harm's way. We help public sector heros become stronger superheroes.

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What we deliver

Designed by Fighters for other Fighters. Our tech is as seamless as a cell phone and helps everyone on defense, health and security missions.

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Who we are

TurbineOne's experts are veterans from two worlds: technology and Defense. We served in the Navy, Army, Air Force & Special Forces. We were also pioneers at Google, Amazon & Autonomous Vehicle companies.

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First Responders and Warfighters do not have the best tools. They should. TurbineOne can help fix this national security problem.
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