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Revolutionizing how Large Organizations Procure Advanced Technologies

The world’s best technology is not always getting into the hands of mission-driven organizations, such as the U.S. government. Yet, in the tech world, the world’s best engineers and data scientists don’t know how to connect their inventions and methods to essential services. TurbineOne was formed to bridge this gap. Our mission is to make sure those serving at the front lines have the absolute best tools.  

The world is facing unique and historic challenges. We all see it. But when TurbineOne looks at that picture, we don't just see problems, we also see opportunities. Opportunities to align on fundamental needs like greater peace and security. We strive to achieve these common goals with good people, extraordinary talent, and radical technological breakthroughs.

The technology world is outpacing traditional procurement methods. And the gap is getting wider each year. But that also means that the timing is just right for TurbineOne as an entrepreneurial venture. Now is the best time for a small-but-mighty business to leverage accomplishments from places like Google and Amazon, combine them with experiences from services like the Army and Navy, and then build technologies that can empower people to make the world a safer place.

The Founding Team

Ian Kalin
Passionate about Public Service. Previously an Officer in the U.S. Navy, government entrepreneur, first Chief Data Officer for the U.S. Department of Commerce, and Chief Technology Officer for eHealth, Inc.
Matt Amacker
Rapid Prototyping Wizard. Previously Head of Applied R&D Group at Google, Head of Car AI for Toyota, and early in career patented the search completion feature for Amazon as a Principal Engineer.
Megan Zengerle
Lifelong interest in how people, numbers and systems work together. Previously Chief People Officer & SVP, Business Operations at CreativeLive, COO at Scribd, and a Human Capital consultant at Deloitte.

Investors & Advisors

Dan Portillo
Managing Partner
Sweat Equity Ventures
Nick Sinai
Senior Advisor, Insight Partners & Senior Fellow, Belfer Center
Ben Walker
Veteran & Managing Partner, Ridgeline Ventures

Technology Patents Awarded to Co-Founders

$40 Billion

Government Budgets Managed*

* In roles previously held by Co-Founders

Mission-Driven Company & People