Government Sales Manager


TurbineOne is the frontline perception company. We deliver stronger situational awareness to first-responders and the U.S. Department of Defense. Our proprietary software solution is designed from the ground-up to operate in communications-contested and dangerous environments so that public sector heroes can take better actions against the threats they face. This position is geography-flexible and will report directly to the CEO.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Be a content-generation machine. Government procurement is primarily done through RFPs and each Government Buyer needs proposals that match their unique format and operational requirements.
  • Be a value-translator. The language of the technology sector is not the same as the language of the U.S. military. So you’ll need to help people understand what they really need and why they should buy from TurbineOne.
  • Be an educator. In governments, technology is almost always purchased by non-technical people. So your explanations need to make complicated things seem very simple.
  • Be an entrepreneur. As the first person to have this job title in a fast-growing startup company, you’ll help to articulate the company’s vision and you’ll influence where the company chooses to focus its resources.

On a Typical Day You Would:

  • Write a brilliant 3-page proposal.
  • Redline a PowerPoint presentation.
  • Attend an “Industry Day” webinar for an upcoming proposal event.
  • Hear feedback from customers on what they like about our product.
  • Meet with engineers to hear about the latest product features they are building.
  • Receive a rejection email about a past proposal and integrate that feedback into your next proposal.
  • Identify a great RFP and then pitch the executive team on why you should focus on that lead for your next great proposal.

Desired Qualifications:

  • Extraordinarily strong and efficient writing skills.
  • Detail oriented. One random check-box mistake can disqualify an entire government proposal.
  • Years of experience making and delivering presentations to executives. The candidate should immediately be able to distinguish between a strong and weak set of slides.
  • Understanding of the bureaucratic complexity within the U.S. government and/or Department of Defense.
  • Willingness to travel regularly to customers and sales events.