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Technology Introduction

Industry innovations in warehouse management and smart-home devices have transformed what's possible for a building's physical operations. For certain buildings, having a better understanding of how people, industrial machines, and robots interact can provide significant improvement to operations and security. TurbineOne understands the potential because its engineering leaders have tested, built, and deployed the combination of software, hardware infrastructure, and robots to deliver this technological capability.

Problem Statement

TurbineOne's team was challenged to create a system that would track people working within a building (with their consent, of course). Specifically, the customer wanted to provide specific dashboards of information to the right person at the right time.

Solution Summary

To accomplish this, the team used LIDAR, custom electronics, thermopiles, robotics, speech recognition and vision-based ML systems.   LIDAR would understand how a person moves about the space and provide appropriate robotic assistance for tasks. Operators were provided a custom electronic “badge” that also served as a Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality remote. Heat signatures were used for tracking movements in locations not covered by LIDAR. Furthermore, speech systems allowed users to “talk to the room” to state their needs and finally an Operator's body position was used for gaze-tracking and indicating or pointing at a robot or other “hot spot”interests in the building.  

This suite of products solved the Customer's problem. And the informational foundation spurred a new wave of efficiency research, security analytics, and privacy-protection insights. This project was completed in record time and pulled together technologies never before assembled in this way.